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Shampoo and Conditioner for Long Hair and Extensions

Why Leo Mancini Shampoo + Conditioner for Extensions

Leo Mancini Haircare was formulated with a hair extension mindset. Not only does it deposit essential hydration, it also works to protect the quality, texture, and shine of your extensions.

Detangle Long Hair

Leo Mancini shampoo and conditioner cleanses and detangle knotted hair extensions. The system combines efficacy with convenience and doesn’t leave a heavy film on the hair.

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Deep Conditioning

Deep-conditioning wash that lastingly replenishes the hair’s vital nutrients and moisture reservoirs with valuable natural oils and nutrients. This restores the hair’s natural liveliness, elasticity and strength.

Extensions Conditioner

Bigger Bottles

Worrying about running out of shampoo or conditioner every few washes? No more mid-shower scares! Get more washes from our 500ml bottles!

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Pump Dispensing

No more accidental squirts! Our bottles have a pump dispenser to maintain consistency and minimize overuse.

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The Result

Sensational elasticity, incredible softness and spectacular shine to your natural long hair or hair extensions.

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Windsor's most trusted salon for hair extensions and hair colour.

Leo Mancini Windsor Salon

Hairdressers in Windsor. 25+ years experience in hairstyling and hair extensions. Relax and Enjoy the Ultimate Cut, Colour & Styling Experience. We specialise in personalised haircuts, hair extensions and blow dry. We use the finest hair extensions that looks natural, shiny and full. We’re open weekends! Walk-ins Welcome!

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Location: 31 Peascod Street, Windsor, SL1 4EA

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